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The energy in our environments – whether our home, business or even land -- has a direct impact on us. This energy is apparent in the feelings we have in our space, which is affected by every object in the space and the events that occur there every day. The items we surround ourselves with reinforce our memories and connections with friends and family. The way we decorate our space reflects an aspect of who we are and the message we want to convey to the world. Our celebrations and sorrows also leave an energetic imprint on a space. Even how we tend to nature – whether we have a large plot of land, small yard or potted plants – generates a feeling of connection or perhaps disconnection to the natural world.

Sometimes the energy or feeling we have in our homes, doesn’t reflect who we are or what we want to be doing with our lives. In these situations, it’s important to redirect or even shift the energy of your space to better support you in your goals. By working with the energy in your home, you can enhance various aspects of your life, remove blocks to achieving your goals and create a space that feels aligned with who you are today.

We offer several services to help do just this.

Instinctive Feng Shui™
We combine the ancient art of Chinese feng shui with our own intuitive insights and the natural instincts of our clients to create a space that supports their individual goals and aspirations. It’s important to remember that “good feng shui” is defined by how you feel in the space. 

Once we understand the energy you want to create in your home – welcoming, orderly, family-friendly, safe, etc. – and the goals you want to achieve – loving relationship, new job, greater prosperity – we recommend custom solutions and recommendations that will improve the energy in your home and your life.
Seven Star Blessing™ Space Clearing
While feng shui allows us to redirect the energy in a home, space clearing allows us to change the energy itself. Whenever we start something new in our life – a new relationship, a new home, a new career -- one of the challenges is releasing the things that no longer serve us, which can make it more difficult to move forward into our new opportunity. 

Further, when we are trying to work through a recent challenge, the energy from that challenge may keep us from allowing the new experience, new energy, into our lives. Space clearing, a sacred ceremony used by indigenous cultures to honor rites of passage, can help you release the energy you no longer need and create energy that supports your new direction.
Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™
Native Americans follow a cosmology best represented by the Medicine Wheel. This sacred circle represents the natural cycles of life apparent in all we do – the daily cycle of sunrise to sunset, yearly cycle of the seasons, and our life cycle from birth to death. It is represented by the four cardinal directions in a circle with the center representing spirit.

In Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™, we show how the energy of those directions affects the energy of a space based on the location of the center of your home – both physically and metaphysically. The location of the center can determine whether you have an imbalance of one energy over another. 

We’ll work with you to identify the predominant energy in the home, and provide recommendations for how to balance those directional energies to support your goals.
Earth Acupuncture
Just like the human body, the earth houses meridians of energy underneath the surface. These lines emit electromagnetic energies and work in conjunction with the atmospheric energies to create Nature’s energetic frequency. However, these energies can be amplified when meridians cross or intersect with other energetic lines in the earth (e.g., Hartman waves, Ley Lines, vortices). 

When this occurs, it can have a negative impact on our health if our homes are located above this energy. Similarly, trees and plants may get sick from the increased energy. Using earth acupuncture techniques, beginning with dowsing for the existence of amplified energies, we reduce the amplification and impact of this energy on your land, your home and you.  
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