​At Feng Shui 24, we want you to be able to live your best life, and perhaps even more importantly be  empowered to make this happen.

Using ancient techniques from Chinese geomancers, Tibetan monks, and medicine men and women around the globe, we will work with you and the energy of your space to do just this. 

Through feng shui, space clearing and earth acupuncture, we work with you, your home (or business) and your land to align the energy in your environment with your life goals.

We also offer classes in feng shui, space clearing, and many other energy and intuitive topics as well as certifications in Instinctive Feng Shui™ and Seven Star Blessing™ Space Clearing..

Learn more by contacting us 630-215-5567 or bill@fengshui-24.com. 
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Home for Your Soul Conference
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Join us in Orlando for this amazing conference! We'll be presenting Honoring the Nature of Your Soul along with speakers from around the globe. Learn more here.
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